Florianopolis or "Floripa", as it is known by the brazilians and visitors, is the capital of Santa Catarina State in Brazil. It is also known as "The Magical Island" due to the folk tales related to mystical animals, witches and old stories told by it's citizens.

The city was colonized by the "açorians" sent by the Portuguese Kingdon from the Island of 'Açores' to populate the city that was fragile to foreign invasions during the periods of sea exploration.

The perfect function between beaches, mountains and dunes resulted on a perfect blend for tourists that ellected this as the Capital of the Mercosul and the best city to live in Brazil during several consecutive years. The choices that you have to indulge are countless. It's historical heritage monuments, cuisine, nightlife and eco-life definetely mesmerizes those that spend their vacation in this truly beautiful and magical place.

                                                                 "A little-piece-of-land lost in the sea, a little-piece-of-land: beauty without a match...
Have never the nature, gather so much beauty.  Have never a poet had so much to sing about
Such a little-piece-of-land, lost in the sea."

                                                                                                                        Part of - Florianopolis Hymn - "Song of love to the Island" .

Florianopolis - The Magical Island

THe Hercilio Luz bridge is the symbol of the city. Founded on may, 1926 it is one of the biggest hanging brigdes in the world and the biggest in Brazil. Closed since 1982 due to security reasons, it's restauration phase will be conclude on 2013.

It may seem incredible, but Florianopolis has more than 100 beachs all around it's coast, with 56 with names and easy access. The ones located at the North are the most crowded due to the better infrastructure and easier access, while the ones at south are quite isolated.

THe Island has countless historical atractions. The Açorian/portuguese Architecture is spread all around the city in  houses, catedrals & churchs that dates back to  the early period of the XVII century. The "Cruz and Souza Palace", "Victor Meirelles Museum", the "Alfandega Public Market", The "XV November Square" are some of the most famous attractions.

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Hercilio Luz Bridge

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Amongst the attractions in the Island, a must go is to the portuguese fortresses built for the defence of the Island agains foreigner invasions from pirates and other countries at the time. The highlights are the "Anhatomirin" and "Ratones" fortress.

Indeed the seafood is the most popular choice of the city. It's not only fresh but also very affordable. However, due to it's cospopolitan vibe, you will find many other choices. There are the famous brazilian "churrascarias" and also japanese, italian, thai, mexican, german cuisine and more.


A bit of everything

The city already takes international recognition for it's spectacular landscape. The beaches facing the Atlantic Ocean, specially Joaquina and Mole are the places elected by the surfers. You will also find snorkling, diving, windsurf and para-gliding as other options.

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Surf Town​

There are countless activities that you can choose from among 30 eco-trails around all the capital. There are also preservation forests like the "Rio Vermelho Parque Estadual" or the "Serra do Tabuleiro". Moreover, you can take a boat and head to the dolphins and wales sactuary to watch their interaction in natural habitat. You might also take interest in visiting "Tamar project" which is a foundation that aims to protect sea turtles.

Florianopolis has many traditional festivals and also hosts many international events. The "Fenaostra", "Tainha Festival", "Açorean Week" are some of the local ones. The "Ironman" and Surf Tournaments and the "Pop Gay" during carnival brings great diversity to the city that is very open.

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Santa Catarina - European colonization

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Garopaba, Balneário Camboriú, Santo Amaro da Imperatriz, Blumenau are a few of the great number of destinations out of town. Each one with a personal touch, history and different attractions due to the different european countries that colonized them. Closer to the Island you can find german, italian, hungarian, portuguese and austrian background.


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